Although Bridesmaids was seen as Kristen Wiig’s breakout performance she has had a fan base long before her silver screen debut. Wiig started off as cast member on SNL in 2006 and immediately gained a fan base. Kristen was immediately recognized for her versatility and her character development. I chose one fan video in particular because of the nature of the video. He impersonates Wiig from one of her reoccurring characters on Saturday Night Live and does so with just his voice. You can see the dedication of the fan through his ability to recite the skit with no script or stumble.

Here is the original video of Kristen Wiig on SNL:

Kristen Wiig “Surprise Party”

And here is the fan video of that same skit:

Fan Video

Not only did I choose this video for the comedic value but because of how it is presented to us, the viewer. Kristen Wiig’s character in the skit is very over the top and feminine. Therefore, when we see that a shirtless man is acting out this video and it is unexpected. The impersonator is clearly an in shape young male, who is acting the part of an over the top middle-aged woman. This contrast of character versus impersonator adds to the comedic value of the video. I think it is only appropriate that a fan of Kristen Wiig shows his dedication to her work through a funny video of his own.



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