Let’s Get Physical

The performance I chose of Kristen Wiig is from her motion picture Bridesmaids. The reason I chose this video clip was because I felt it best captured what we love about Kristen and comedy in general. This airplane scene is brilliant in every sense. Flying is a tense situation for almost every traveler therefore, by creating a scene that addresses all the issues of flying in a relatable way is beyond brilliant and compelling.

Bridesmaids was a nationwide hit that was enjoyed by every demographic. There is something so refreshing about seeing a raunchy comedy revolved around the perspective of a woman. Kristen Wiig not only gave an incredibly hilarious performance but she also is the mastermind behind the script of Bridesmaids. She wrote herself a daring and refreshingly gross lead role with equally grotesque yet witty supporting characters.

In this piece of video I chose , it is clear that Kristen Wiig uses her body to further push her comedic angle. She shares this idea of physical comedy with the likes of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. Both are famous for not only pushing boundaries in comedy but also using their bodies to do so. It is rare that woman can successfully use their body and be funny. I think this is one of the most unusual and special traits that Kristen embodies and it is often looked over. I strongly believe that this is one of reasons that we all fell in love with Kristen on screen.



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