Kristen’s Close Up

I chose this close-up picture because I believe it     embodies what we all love about Kristen Wiig.    This is not your typical photograph of a female celebrity these days. Females are commonly seen in a provocative and usually sexually explicit way. The sex appeal of women in television and film is part of the job. However, this is not the case for Kristen Wiig. Strong female comics have begun to steal the spotlight they deserve. This close-up photograph of Kristen Wiig embodies what we love and embrace about her. She isn’t afraid to flash a face that may not capture her at her best.

The background of the photograph gives us the fun piece of Kristen Wiig that America fell in love with. The mounds of costumes make it look as if she is in the wardrobe department on the set of SNL. This playful atmosphere and funny facial expression is balanced out by her professionally done make-up and hair and her gaudy, girly necklace.

I think one of the most successful pieces of this photograph is the misspelling of her name. This identifies that she is up and coming and that people may not recognize her but she has no qualms with correcting them. After her breakout screenwriting and performance of Bridesmaids you can be assured that her name will no longer be misspelled. Wiig has broken the barrier of funny and beauty. She embodies the whole package.